[Es2] eS2 with gauge fetish

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Wed Feb 4 09:31:25 EST 2004

The HVAC beast is dead!  Thanks to some good tips from Ben, I wrestled it
out of the car last night.  What a PIA!  I can't fathom anyone having to go
through that kind of effort on a car that isn't already half pulled apart,
like mine.  If I had a nice CQ and I needed to replace the heater core, I
think I would just sell the car.  ;-)

Anyway, the dash did indeed have to come out.  But now that it is out, I'm
not sure its going back in.  It's only six bolts one way or another, but I
think I'm going to keep pushing the dedicated car envelope and go with
custom dash pods.  Basically, I will be emulating Keith Anderson's UrQ,
which looks like this:


Also, while we were messing around with the car last night, it sort of
dawned on us that even though we still have a Summertime goal for having the
car fully up and running, we can probably start the motor by the end of the
month!  Now THAT will be motivation - to have a running car with no brakes,
no seats, or no anything else.  Anyway, the project is back in full swing,
so hopefully my updates will be coming more frequently.

Jimmy P.
'90 eS2

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