[Es2] eS2 with gauge fetish

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Wed Feb 4 09:40:40 EST 2004

It would be a big chunk of change ~$2K, I guess, but a Stack dash system
sure would be cool:  A single pod with every conceivable readout...
Good luck getting the beast up and running!

I know I've mentioned it before, but the new Nasa series 'German Touring
Car Challenge' is open to Audis; it would be great to see an S2


> Anyway, the dash did indeed have to come out.  But now that 
> it is out, I'm not sure its going back in.  It's only six 
> bolts one way or another, but I think I'm going to keep 
> pushing the dedicated car envelope and go with custom dash 
> pods.  

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