[Es2] eS2 with gauge fetish

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Wed Feb 4 10:29:17 EST 2004

> It would be a big chunk of change ~$2K, I guess, but a Stack dash system
sure would be cool.

BTSTwebsite.  ;-)  I have had that fantasy for sure, but that would
definitely be a Stage XVIII mod for me.  In reference to Peter's question, I
just don't have that kind of budget.

> I know I've mentioned it before, but the new Nasa series 'German Touring
Car Challenge' is open to Audis; it would be great to see an S2 competitor!

Well, let's just see what happens.  Initially, the goal is just to run at my
local DEs and once a year, trek the car out to a Quattro club event to meet
folks from other parts of the country that I have met online.  That will
give me a chance to drive different tracks as well.  In my heart, I
definitely want to race, but now we are back to a budget issue.  We'll just
have to see.

> scary question...whats the ballpark for your budget?

Not so scary.  The entire car has cost me $13K.  So, even after the
remaining big-ticket items (race seats, roll cage, paint and body, wheels),
it will come in under $20K.  Again, that's the total cost including the base
car.  Sure, I can find a spec Miata for less than half that, but I will have
something very rare and special, which I assume is why most of us are doing
this.  Anyway, I was buying new factory (Europe-only) parts at a bad point
in the dollar vs. Euro rate (though not as bad as it is now).  So, a lot of
my cost was for those expensive RS2 parts (e.g. RS2 Intercooler $450 when I
bought, $612 now!).  Also, I firmly believe that it is more expensive to do
an AAN conversion, instead of a 3B.  The biggest factor was, of course,
labor: freebie...zero...zip...nada!  I wish it had cost less, but I'm not
unhappy with what the project has cost me.  I expect the reward will be
worth it!

Jimmy P.

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