[Es2] Re: eS2 Sedan Rally Car

Darin Adlard audilard at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 10:48:55 EST 2004

Since everyone will be finishing their eS2 sometime
between now and the year 3000, I won't be feeling too
jealous of everyone driving around while I work on
mine!!!  That whole 2 week thing has to be a
farce....its taken me that long to get the wiring
harness out!!  BTW, last night at about 8pm I decided
to go into the garage and see what I had to do to
finally get it all removed.  I started with the relay
panel and then popped the fuse box open and
disconnected everything.  3 hours later at about 11pm
I had the entire harness out.  I started to get
excited about the time I untangled the mess and cut
the carpet out from under the heater box.  I then
contemplated which direction I wanted to pull the
wires through.  At first I tried pulling it from the
inside of the car like most suggested, but soon
realized that unless I removed the steering rack and
tie rods there was no way that first clump of
connectors along the firewall was going to make it. 
So I proceeded to pull from the engine side. 
Initially I thought that huge ECU plug was never going
to fit either, but somehow it popped through there
fairly easily.  The rest was just a matter of walking
from the engine bay, around the door, squatting down
to the floorboard and back about a million times
manuevering connectors through the hole.....it
definitely pays to have two people doing that.  Once
completely out I had that sudden feeling a
accomplishment, kind of like Tom Hanks on Castaway
when he made fire....so I did a little victory dance,
a few Tim Allen grunts, washed my bleeding hands, and
went to bed......2 weeks....my A$$!! 8-)

(and now I have to label those wires before I forget)

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