[Es2] One more thing...altitude sensor

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Fri Feb 6 11:28:09 EST 2004

Altitude sensor:


> There is also another part of the harness near it
> that has a connector, but the wires come out of it and
> go back in, right?

Does it look like this?  If so, it is the speed limiter (unplug it for top
speed goodness).


> Is there a need to keep any of the
> relays themselves or will connections be made on the
> CQ's relays?

Keep everything!  If nothing else, relays and factory connectors are always
good to have on hand.

> I should have labeled things better!! 8-O

Ahem, BTDT.  I was under a bit of pressure from the wife to get the UrS4
carcass out of our garage so that we could sell our house.  As I pulled the
wiring harness, I thought, "I'll remember everything."  Riiiiight...

And just for some Friday fun, here is my friend Eric as he was being
assimilated by the UrS4-Borg-Collective during wiring harness pulling:



Jimmy P.

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