[Es2] new to list and 20VT options

desmond auld desauld at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 15 06:46:19 EST 2004

Hi people I am new to this list and have had a look through the old posts 
learning a little as I go.  I have always wanted a fast URQ.  To me fast 
means 400-500 bhp.

Well in the mean time I got a 84WR that needs a little body attention parked 
at my garage.  I fitted new (hydraulic shop) oil cooler lines as the old 
ones where duff and got the old girl running.  She had been sleeping for 4 
years.  I haven’t drove the car more that a few hundred yards but already 
got a bit of a four wheel drift going on, on gravel.  These cars are class!

Anyhow a 20VT is what I want under the bonnet of my URQ.  I have been 
looking for the right one for a while now, and two have came at once!  I 
have the option of a more expensive late model s2 ABY or a earlier(cheaper) 
RR.  I have looked through etka and found that the crank, and rods are 
different.  The rods are weaker on the RR I believe.  And the ABY has the 
spark on plug system and the RR has a dissy.

Basically I need to know what is the ultimate tuning potential of both 
engines, before you need to get into changing rods and other expensive 
stuff.  I want the car for track days and fast road use.  I would be using a 
complete stand alone ECU package.  I have also just got a garret GT30R ball 
bearing turbo that is good for 510bhp.  Im not a great fan of the 70’s 
technologies that are KKK 26/27.  Obviously a custom exhaust manifold will 
be used.  I want reliable power.

How much more is a ABY/ADU engine worth as compared to a RR.  Eg twice as 
much, 50% more?

Please lead me in the right direction once again.  Thanks, Des.

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