[Es2] 20V difrerences

desmond auld desauld at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 16 12:51:26 EST 2004

Ok, thanks all for your help so far.  I have recieved lots of emails so i 
will replay to them all here as individual one would take a long time.  
Sorry :)

I have found its not the power that kills the rods, but the torque and 
therfore BMEP.  Obvious really.  If you keep torque limited by reducing 
boost in the mid range and letting boost rise at the top end to give a flat 
torque cure you can have the high BHP safely.  EG 400 ft/lb at 7,000 rpm is 
533 BHP!  I have been told 400 ft/lb is safe on stock aby rods.

I am inclined to go with the cheeper RR/3B engine and then use the coilpacks 
and cam cover from a ABY to kill any problems with the spark cross fire. As 
long as i limit torque and therfore BMEP i should be safe. The cash saved on 
the RR over the ABY would be usfull for injectors/intercooler etc.

So questions i still need answers to are:

1.Are RR rods softer than ABY rods?
2.What is the failure mechinisim of the rods? Bending?
3.What is the maximum safe RPM of the stock 20VT. The Hydrolic tappets are 
limited to about 7500, yes?
4.What cams would you use to keep torque limited to about 400 ft/lb 550n/m 
at peak and say 450-500n/m at 7000rpm?
5.Would the head need ported and or big valves to support this?
6.Would ARP/Raceware studs help hold the rods together at high rpm, eg 

I have not decided on what engine management i will use yet but it might be 
http://www.emeraldm3d.com/.  Reason being this guys son has a 20V ur.

Thanks all for your help!

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