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The unknowns are what's kiling me.  Like you said in your post, it's probably safe to guess that the AAN/ADU/ABY engines all run around 3.5bar due to the fact it's got a 3.5bar pressure reg.  I wasn't sure about using a pump built for pulsed injection (993tt) on a CIS car.  I just didn't want to spend the money for a new 4kq pump and then in a coupe of months go out and buy another pump once the 20vt motor is in place.  Catch my drift??  :-)


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As I recall, CIS runs a higher system pressure than needed for Motronic.  3B/AAN is something like 3.5-4 bar?
A CIS system may be 5 bar or so.  Why put in a bigger pump than needed?  I'm pretty sure you won't need it; Bosch should list the specs somewhere.

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I had an interesting fuel pump morning on the way into work.  It hiccuped and then got extremely noisy.  So noisy that I could hear it easily inside the car....and outside it was insanely loud.  I said a prayer, turned the radio up, and just kept driving.  I was able to get to work.  When I rolled down my window to badge into the lot I noticed that everything sounded fine.  Once hear at ol UPS I shut the car off and restarted it.  It ran so I think I'm ok, but I will be changing the pump once the 20vt motor goes in so I've been thinking........

If the pump is on it's way out I want to go ahead and upgrade to what I need once the new motor is in.  My question is, I want to change to a 993 turbo pump (325lph) and wondered if it would affect running my stock 4kq?  Can the stock accumulator compensate for the extra flow, if any?  I say "if any" because I don't know the flow rate of the stock pump vs. the Porsche pump.  I would think so, but wanted to bounce it off you guys and see what you thought.

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