[Es2] 3B vs. AAN

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 18 11:00:56 EST 2004

--- Patrick Yam <pkyam at bitstream.net> wrote:
> What are the main transplant issues concerning
> choosing 3B versus AAN?
> Pat
In the end AAN will cost you more but is more
desirable simply because it is newer.  The biggest
issue is the IM, the AAN IM wants the TB to be
in the upper quadrant of the radiator whereas the 3B
puts it behind the motor- IC to TB plumbing on pass.
side vs. driver side.  
So you can angle the radiator ala Sport Q, Andrew 
Jackson did this.  Or, just bolt on an RS2 IM (and get

that cool Porsche logo).  The AAN setup is better 
though, because the intake tract length is much 
Others have already mentioned the harness issues,
3B is roughly a plug and play but the AAN will end
up with more splices.
Either motor will allow you to drain your wallet at
similar rates on bigger turbos, EM, exhaust, high
boost ECU code, etc. etc.
So a little more work, probably a little more money.
Is it worth it?  Depends on what you can find for
a deal on a motor, I would think.

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