[Es2] 3B vs. AAN

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Wed Feb 18 12:39:07 EST 2004

>> Here is a pic of an AAN, where the rad is angled and the IM has had a
connecting intake from the IC custom done. This was on a Canadian conv that
was done at leat 3-4 years ago. http://20v.org/b5/aan.jpg

> The intake on that one has had the inlet moved forward, BTW.

Other observations:

* Retained stock crankcase breathing (yucky oil in intake), but deleted
carbon cannister (correct terminology?).  I am doing the opposite btw.
Crankcase is now vented to catch can (or will be), but I am trying to retain
the carbon cannister.  Should I bother for a track car?

* Mad "get out of my WAY" horn mod.  Yikes!  ;-)

Great post by Steve.  Expect to see that as a FAQ on my site.  Well done!
Also, BTDT on the nightmare of an AAN to ~ADU conversion, if anyone has
specific questions.

Jimmy P.

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