[Es2] eS2 Sedan Rally Car - IT'S ALIVE!!

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Mon Feb 9 13:42:27 EST 2004

Well, we did the big push over the weekend and after a long delivery, a 
snorting, bouncing blue S2 rally car was born!  I was working on it from 
1 PM yesterday, until 5 AM this morning.   The car was subsequently run 
around the parking lot, shooting flames from the side mounted exhaust, 
and loaded into a race trailer to drive 4 hours to Steamboat Springs, 
CO.   With luck it is now happily bouncing off of snow banks.

We dealt with the usual teething problems of a freshly assembled race 
car, but all in all it went remarkably smoothly.   There were a couple 
of wiring errors on the dash (no, I didn't do that part, but had to 
clean it up) that gave us some fits for a while and resulted in a blown 
ECU at 3 AM.   A minor oil leak on the turbo return line, some sticky 
suspension components that made alignment fun, and a few other little 
odds and ends to clean up.   We had hoped to get it on the dyno for some 
tuning before it went, but no such luck.  Here is a picture.  The 
picture accurately portrays my view of the car a 4 AM.

Damn, I'm tired...


Jimmy Pribble wrote:

> Great information guys, thanks.  I'll try to follow this project 
> closely.  I have all the same things left to do, but my completion 
> date is "Summer"; his is "Sunday."  Ha, ha.  That is seriously 
> agressive.  I wish I had the money/manpower to do that.  Oh well.
> Hey Steve, any knowledge of his suspension?  He obviously has C/O, but 
> do you know where he sourced them?  2B?  Ground Control?  Home made?
> Thanks again for the info.
> Jimmy "just a bit of healthy racecar envy" Pribble

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