[Es2] 5 X 112 hubs for '90 coupe quattro

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Fri Feb 20 09:21:31 EST 2004

Jimmy, could you clarify this more systematically, specifically:
1) Are you saying urS4 hubs will mount to CQ hub carriers?  
2) or are you saying this is an entire conversion: you need the urS4 hub
carriers, brake parts etc?
3) What are the offset differences, eg the CQ results in a wheel offset
of 37mm; what is the urS4 offset?
4) If the urS4 hub does mount to the CQ carrier, and you retain the S2
rear hubs, won't you need front wheels with a different offset than the

I can't remember the specifics of 6-7 year old debates, but I thought
the consensus was long since established that this swap didn't make
sense?  It used to be an issue of availability, but with so many euro
parts resources I assume S2 hubs are no more expensive than urS hubs.
WRT brake upgrade cost, I guess maximizing options is a good thing, but
the bira route at least is no more expensive for an S2 than any other

> > You can also use ur-S4 (1992 through 1995.5) front hubs in 
> the front.
> This 
> > allows you to keep your G60 brake calipers and carriers and use the 
> > ur-S4
> > brake rotors, too.  BTDT.
> Agreed.  I wish I had done that instead of going with the S2 
> front hubs.  If you use the UrS4 front hubs, the entire UrS4 
> factory and aftermarket brake bin is open to you, 

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