[Es2] 5 X 112 hubs for '90 coupe quattro

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Fri Feb 20 11:05:50 EST 2004


As far as I know, there is no difference in offset between the stock and S2
front hubs. Like the rears, the only difference is the bolt pattern.


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> > You can also use ur-S4 (1992 through 1995.5) front hubs in the front.
> This
> > allows you to keep your G60 brake calipers and carriers and use the
> > brake rotors, too.  BTDT.
> Agreed.  I wish I had done that instead of going with the S2 front hubs.
> you use the UrS4 front hubs, the entire UrS4 factory and aftermarket brake
> bin is open to you, but the S2 hubs have a different offset requiring
> brackets, expensive Euro kits specifically for the S2, or the use of
> spacers.  Live and learn.  The rear S2 hubs are identical to stock in
> way except bolt pattern, so there is no reason not to use them (except for
> cost/availability issues).
> Jimmy
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