[Es2] LAC: Innsbruk, Austria

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If you're flying to Muenchen you can get an Audi from Europcar.com or some
of the US majors, but quattro is an extra cost item. Actually you're going
to pay more than $400/week for anything nice, but you work for a 'bank' so

Speaking of trips --->AUDI Content<----

So, many of you are buying stuff from ebay.de and have found that many a
kraut seller won't ship to the US or won't return email.......so here is the
offer. When I buy stuff on ebay.de I have the seller ship it to a friend of
mine in De who ships it to me. The offer is this, if you want to buy
something, no bigger than a shoebox, you can do so and send it to my friend
and I'll hand carry it back for youse. So you'll pay in-De and in-US

PS A must see in Innsbruck is the schnee........und

For expensive tastes..............

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> I'm heading to the Alps this weekend for ~10 days of skiing.
> Any listers in the area?  Anything in the area that's a "must see"?
> Also... any suggestions in finding a place that rents Quattro's?  (Audi
> content).

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