[Es2] RE: 5 X 112 hubs for '90 coupe quattro

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Fri Feb 20 17:45:08 EST 2004


How can you skip step #9 with the S2 gear?  You still have to buy new
rotors, but this time they are the expensive S2 specific rotors from europe
instead of the cheap US available ur-S4 rotors.  I guess the only way to
skip step #9 would be to redrill your 4 bolt CQ rotors to the 5x112
pattern.  You could also do this with the ur-S4 hubs as 2 mm wouldn't be a
problem for the G60 caliper carriers.



BTW, the S2 hubs are more expensive than the ur-S4 hubs, used anyway.  If
new, it is probably a push.

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Subject: 5 X 112 hubs for '90 coupe quattro

I don't get it: the process is exactly the same for the S2 hub
conversion, but let's you omit step 9.  So once again, why does anyone
mess around with the urS4 pieces?  The S2 pieces cost the same, new or
used, as urS4 parts.  Are there really more brake upgrade options for
the urS4 than S2?  

> Alright, let's not make this harder than it needs to be.  FOR 
> THE COUPE QUATTRO the front 5-bolt conversion is quite simply:
> 9) Buy new ur-S4 front rotors and 5x112 wheels.
> Assemble.  You now have a Coupe Quattro with 5-bolt front 
> wheels and a strut/hub assembly that will be able to directly 

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