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Fri Feb 20 18:21:37 EST 2004


You got a good deal on the S2 hubs.  I will pay/paid $50 each (I need to
mail the check) for my ur-s4 hubs, which is typical for private party
sales.  The S2 hubs I found used were around $85-90 each plus shipping. 
Maybe this is because the US dollar is so weak compared to the Euro?  New
of either hub is $$$.

Remember, too, that BIRA had to make special brackets for YOUR system 2. 
With the approach I took, I can go BIRA Sys 2, too.  However, the BIRA sys
2 brackets I need are the standard ones used for the ur-S4 cars.  BIRA
brackets are always cheaper when bought in group buy mode.  One offs are

I think this is what Jimmy conveyed in his e-mail.

Best Regards,


P.S.  Your were also the pioneer!  If it weren't for you and your articles
and write-ups, there probably won't be as many E-S2's around!

P.S.S.  If you want to update your website, I can pull the part numbers for

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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 18:07:56 -0500
To: johkar at teleport.com, soopercoop at hotmail.com, matt_20v at yahoo.com,
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Subject: RE: 5 X 112 hubs for '90 coupe quattro

Yes I'm forgetting you need S2 rotors.  I went right to bira system 2
which is neuS4 rotors so never priced them.  Rick Houck did just redrill
CQ rotors however.  And I'm surprised to hear of any price difference
btw S2 and urS4 hubs, my S2 hubs were $60each used (5 yrs ago) which I
assume is pretty close to a wrecking yard price for urS hubs, but maybe
not.  As a % of the total cost however (new bearings, lots of labor)
parts cost differentials for the hubs seems minor.  I'm just
philosophically inclined (reinforced by experience) to use stock parts
whereever possible.  Part of this is that I rarely have time to do any
of my own maintenance, so if pieces are stock Audi, service people are
less intimidated.  

> Brandon,
> How can you skip step #9 with the S2 gear?  You still have to 
> buy new rotors, but this time they are the expensive S2 
> I don't get it: the process is exactly the same for the S2 
> hub conversion, but let's you omit step 9.  S
> > Alright, let's not make this harder than it needs to be.  FOR
> > THE COUPE QUATTRO the front 5-bolt conversion is quite simply:
> > 
> > 9) Buy new ur-S4 front rotors and 5x112 wheels.
> > 
> > Assemble.  You now have a Coupe Quattro with 5-bolt front

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