[Es2] 5 X 112 hubs for '90 coupe quattro

John Karasaki johkar at teleport.com
Sun Feb 22 03:47:25 EST 2004

Alright, here is where we have a disconnect.  The 1993 90q uses a different 
front hub carrier (8A0 407 257/8 A) than the 1990 coupe quattro (895 407 
241/2 F).  Maybe that is why the urS4 gear didn't work for you.

The urS4 front gear, does work, perfectly, on the 1990 coupe quattro.

A MAJOR point of clarification: Rich, in Seattle used an A4 Stoptech kit on 
his 1985 turbo quattro coupe (aka urq) NOT a coupe GT.  The urq strut/hub 
assembly allows ANY brake kit designed for the 5000tq, 200tq (non-UFO) and 
A4 to be used on the URQ.

Also, the hubs on a 1.8T A4 are different that the hubs on the V6 A4.  I 
have been told, but have NOT BTDT, that he FRONT hubs from the V6 A4 are 
the ones you want for the REAR of a 1990 CQ.




At 12:27 AM 2/22/04 -0800, Ben Nesbitt wrote:
>When I did this swap (URS4 front hubs) on my '93 90 quattro, the offset
>screwed me up bigtime.  I had measured everything before hand but the setup
>did not work at all and I was baffled, really.  I thought I could use URS4
>rotors and 1/8" spacers under the caliper carriers, but that was not to be.
>the extra offset on the rotors made them hit the hub carrier and the only
>solution was to drill 5 holes in my oem 90 rotors (same offset as S2) and
>put 1/8" spacers under the caliper carriers.  This is after I had the base
>of the URS4 hubs machined down so they would seat into the '93 90 hub
>I had at my disposal, nearly every caliper and rotor that Audi had ever made
>and this was the only rig that worked.  I have not had a chance to try the
>A4 front hub, but if you are planning the 5x112 conversion, the S2 front
>hub/rotors are highly recommended by me,  Kung_Fu_4.2. Ex business advisor
>to Achtuning and insane installer of a 4.2 liter V8 in my '93 90 quatt...not
>done yet.
>FYI, the URS4, coupe and B4 90 quatts use identical caliper carriers, but
>the URs uses different calipers and rotors.  God only knows about the hub
>carriers.  A guy I know - Rich, in Seattle - used an A4 Stoptech kit on his
>coupeGT so maybe the A4 hub is the answer for the front.  The A4 REAR hub
>and rotor are golden, but the front is snake-bit.
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> > That is not true.  There are NO spacers needed with the urS4 front
> > hubs.  Actually, the offset with the urS4 hubs is exactly the same as the
> > offset with the standard CQ hubs.  The S2 offset is different by
> > 2mm.  However, since the G60 calipers are floating calipers anyway, 2mm
> > doesn't make any difference with the S2 or urS4 hubs.  HTH.
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