[Es2] The new guy

Tom Mullane tmullane at snet.net
Wed Feb 25 08:34:13 EST 2004

Good morning , fellow gluttons for punishment.

I just joined the list a few moments ago and will spend the next few hours
reading through the archives.  I am in the midst of great automotive turmoil
here in Connecticut:  I sold my 1994 S6 a few months ago, I just bought a
95.5 S6 on ebay that I have yet to see (God help me), I got into a very
light altercation a few weeks ago in my CQ that damaged the front bumper and
grill, and I just had a 95 S6 with a hard hit to the left front frame rail
dropped off at my shop.  Great turmoil indeed.

Truth be told, I do not own the smashed S6 yet, but I am working on it.  The
S6 is a pearl white with black with 80k on it; makes me sad just to think
about it.  So anyway, it would appear that some men seek out the eS2, while
others have it thrust upon them.  At this point, I'll lurk for a while, then
decide whether to convert or not.

I know there are a few guys that are fairly local to me.  If anyone is
interested in some company in exchange for a little knowledge, please let
know.  Thanks!

Tom Mullane
Glastonbury, CT

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