[Es2] still trying to figure out the oil problem

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Sun Jan 11 13:09:06 EST 2004

Hey guys,

Not much new to report. Yesterday I pulled the oil pan and checked the pick up tube (not clogged or cracked) and the oil pump (engaged with crank and rotates properly). I also removed the stock oil baffle in the pan since I have the S4 windage tray in. I'm hoping that will "free up" the oil, although I can't see it making much difference. I'm going back to the garage today to put it back together but I just wanted to ask a few questions here first:

1) is there a specific way the oil pump should be installed or is it a matter of it just being engaged with the crank shaft?

2)how is suction created in the pick-up tube? Is it by the oil pump? Or does it have something to do with crank case pressure?

3)would/could the crank case breather system have an effect on oil circulation and pick-up tube suction?

4)can someone confirm 100% that my oil pressure wiring is correct as follows:

0.3 bar oil pressure switch:

.35 bl/bk wire (formerly from T26/6 on 3B harness) goes to T26b/19 on the instrument cluster.

1.8 bar oil pressure switch:

.35 w/gy wire (formerly from T14/12 on 3B harness) goes to T26b/17 on the instrument cluster



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