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Mon Jan 12 14:39:00 EST 2004

I'm guessing hte sensors are not your problem.  That foaming is likely causing your problem.
Did you remove one of the baffles in the pan when you had it off?

Dave K.
listening and learning on your dime...
> Sorry to keep filling your mailboxes with my problems, but I had another thought 
> in regards to the location and position of the two oil pressure sensors on the 
> engine block. My engine has the two-pronged sensor above the single pronged 
> sensor. This is the way my engine came (ie, I didn't remove or replace these 
> during my rebuild) but the Bentley shows the opposite - the single pronged 
> sensor above the two pronged sensor. Now of course we all know the Bentley is by 
> no means perfect, but I thought that if for some reason the two sensors were in 
> the wrong spots...well you know what I'm getting at. I'm hoping you and/or 
> others might have a look at how these sensors are oriented on your respective 
> engines.
> Thanks!
> Ben
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