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Just found my #'s:

2500rpm HC ppm limit: 300
Result: 86

2500rpm CO% limit: 1.50
Result: 0.79


Idle HC ppm limit: 300
Result: 139

Idle CO% limit: 1.5
Result: 0.44


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I live in Ontario and here we have to do an emissions test every 2 years. 
This year, my car has failed the test.  Initially, I just took the car in 
thinking that it seemed to be running well, fuel consumption was normal, 
not burning any oil and the power curve seemed normal?

However, on the first test it failed on the Idle test for Hydro Carbons -- 
approximately 50% higher then the limit.  So I have heard that cars test 
better if you take them for a long highway run before the test... so I 
took it out for a 40 minute highway run... it was good and hot, then I 
took it right into the e-test facility and they took it in 5 minutes 
later.  It tested considerably better, but still failed!  This time only 
about 20% above the limit.

So I called my mechanic and he said he had a sure fire way of passing 
those e-tests... he said to change spark plugs, change the oil, replace 
the air filter and then put in a liter of Methol Hydrate into a tank of 
Sunoco Ultra 94 gas.  He said if nothing else is wrong, then it should 
pass with flying colours!

Well I did all of that and it failed with even a lower Hydro Carbon 
reading at Idle, then the first test!  So now I am not sure what to?  The 
only other thing that I can think of is to change the Oxygen Sensor.  I 
had this sensor changed the last time I had an e-test 2 years ago.  It is 
one of those Bosch 31913 units that was spliced in (half the price of a 
sensor with the correct connector).

I have run the VAG-COM and it does not kickout any Fault codes?  So does 
anyone have any ideas on how to diagnose this problem?

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