[Es2] Wires, wires, wires

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Mon Jan 26 12:29:14 EST 2004

Hi Darin,

Just to add a bit to what Dave and Steve already said...

The best thing would be to remove the heater box and everything else that
you can get to. It's a little time consuming but it make getting the harnes
out a lot easier. As mentioned, the harness is strapped down at many points
on the floor, firewall and wiring trays. Just when you think you've got them
all, you find another one! When I did mine, I debated for a while which way
to pull it. In the end I actually pulled it through from the engine side and
it came pretty easily. I'm not sure if there's an advantage either way. In
any case, that sticky red take is horrible! Another tip; try to take as many
of the firewall grommets from the 200 as you can. You'll find places for


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> I have been dismantling the interior of the 200 to
> finally get to removing the harness.  The only real
> big thing left to get out of the way is the heater
> box.  I was hoping that I wouldn't be spending as much
> time on the harness as I did with the engine....what a
> pain.  What are everyone's suggestions for getting the
> harness through the firewall.  Go towards the interior
> or pull out through the engine side?  Engine side I
> still have the tierods and steering rack in place
> which keep the knuckles bloody and on the inside I'm
> not sure where all the harness goes besides the ECU.
> Where does the other half go that snakes along back
> behind the heater box?  I just want to know if there
> is an easier way to do this......8-)
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