[Es2] B4 CF carbon fiber hood GP?

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Tue Jan 27 14:50:36 EST 2004

At 03:26 PM 1/27/2004, you wrote:
>Someone posted up a info on group purchase of Fiber Images B4 hoods for 
>$570.  Anyone have that link?
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theres an add in the audifans marketplace and a few threads in the 80/90 
forum on audiworld.

Having seen Javad's Fiberglass hood from Novatechnik (John and Mark 
Nelson's former Co) I would have some serious questions about the under 
hood supports, safety catch and hinge support areas

Section:  Parts
Title:    Carbon Fiber B4 hood $570
Price:    570.00
Location: Palmdale, CA

Date:     January 17, 2004
Contact:  Ben
Email:    soopercoop at hotmail.com

Well you wished for it and now they are here.  I had a mold made for the 
'93-95 90 and cabriolet ('to 97) at Fiber Images and the first hood is due 
any day now.  The price goes up to $700 in a couple of weeks when this run 
is over. GET ONE NOW!



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