[Es2] Wiring...conceptual question

Darin Adlard audilard at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 11:45:51 EST 2004

I spend my first 4 hours looking at schematics from
the 200 and the coupe.  There were moments of "Hey, I
think that makes sense." to "What.....????" to "Honey,
I think I made a mistake getting into this project."
and then back to "Ahhhh...I get it".  Plus a few trips
from my desk to garage to my desk and back again, just
to look at the 200's harness.  (Its cold out and I
didn't want to sit in the garage looking at

What did I accomplish in 4 hours....nothing but get a
headache and the beginnings of mental insanity.  I
think I can figure out the schematics, but its the
actual physical part that isn't coming together for
me.  Maybe because I don't have both harnesses in
front of me, whatever, I need some simple guidance.
(Plus I am being too impatient because I won't even
being tackling this wiring thing until next year, but
I thought I would get a head start)  I send Ben enough
emails as it is so I am asking the whole list instead
of bugging Ben individually. 8-)

Here is what I don't understand.  Looking at the
spreadsheets from Koko on Jimmy's site I see the brown
T26 connector.  I even located that one on the harness
(easy one), it attaches to the instrument panel right?
The T26 on the coupe harness attaches to the panel as
well.  Here is what I am having a hard time with...The
spreadsheets indicate that following:

200's T26/4 will replace the T26/10 on the coupe's
"     T26/5 replaces the T26/13

So I splice in the needed 200 wires from its T26 into
the coupe's T26?  Some of the 200's T26 wires go to
the coupe's T26b.  So will I basically be eliminating
the 200's T26 connector and moving the wires to the
coupe's connectors?

Does my question make sense or am I literally going
MAD!!  >8-P

I just some basic understanding of the process just so
the swelling in my head stops.

Sorry this is long.....

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