[Es2] Wiring...conceptual question

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Wed Jan 28 14:05:51 EST 2004

You've got it. The gauge pod connectors on the 3B harness are eliminated
altogether, except for the relevant wires which get spliced into the coupe's
T26* connectors.


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> I spend my first 4 hours looking at schematics from
> the 200 and the coupe.  There were moments of "Hey, I
> think that makes sense." to "What.....????" to "Honey,
> I think I made a mistake getting into this project."
> and then back to "Ahhhh...I get it".  Plus a few trips
> from my desk to garage to my desk and back again, just
> to look at the 200's harness.  (Its cold out and I
> didn't want to sit in the garage looking at
> schematics)
> What did I accomplish in 4 hours....nothing but get a
> headache and the beginnings of mental insanity.  I
> think I can figure out the schematics, but its the
> actual physical part that isn't coming together for
> me.  Maybe because I don't have both harnesses in
> front of me, whatever, I need some simple guidance.
> (Plus I am being too impatient because I won't even
> being tackling this wiring thing until next year, but
> I thought I would get a head start)  I send Ben enough
> emails as it is so I am asking the whole list instead
> of bugging Ben individually. 8-)
> Here is what I don't understand.  Looking at the
> spreadsheets from Koko on Jimmy's site I see the brown
> T26 connector.  I even located that one on the harness
> (easy one), it attaches to the instrument panel right?
> The T26 on the coupe harness attaches to the panel as
> well.  Here is what I am having a hard time with...The
> spreadsheets indicate that following:
> 200's T26/4 will replace the T26/10 on the coupe's
> "     T26/5 replaces the T26/13
> etc.
> etc.
> So I splice in the needed 200 wires from its T26 into
> the coupe's T26?  Some of the 200's T26 wires go to
> the coupe's T26b.  So will I basically be eliminating
> the 200's T26 connector and moving the wires to the
> coupe's connectors?
> Does my question make sense or am I literally going
> MAD!!  >8-P
> I just some basic understanding of the process just so
> the swelling in my head stops.
> Thanks,
> Darin
> Sorry this is long.....
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