[Es2] Camshaft and other choices?

Dave Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Thu Jul 1 10:18:30 EDT 2004

go to the s2forum.com and look around.
We just did a group buy on JE pistons, they seem to be the best choice as
far as pistons.  There is a lot of talk of 7A cams in the 3B for a
performance upgrade.  And of course the head and manifold porting.
Basically you can get enormous hp with a set of pistons, rods, intake
manifold, exhaust manifold, the right turbo and ECU.

You are correct in that downtime will be minimized by collecting all the
parts ahead of time ( I have a spare brand new oil pan extension needed to
fit the 200TQ 3B into the CQ if you are going to run the stock S2 A/C

Dave Kase

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Subject: [Es2] Camshaft and other choices?

> Hi all,
> I've stepped onto the slippery slope by getting a donor 3B for my 90CQ
> and there's no turning back now.
>  From what I've read here, it sounds like the more time spent gathering
> parts before starting the swap, the better. My plan is to do the swap
> with a "minimum" of downtime, something like 30-45 days. (with a little
> luck!) So, besides the often mentioned replacement parts like timing
> belt, water pump, clutch, etc., I'm wondering what benefit there is to
> looking at camshafts, lifters, valve springs, head porting - anything
> to squeak out just a little more.  Any obvious methods of raising the
> redline? (Carillo rods?) Anyone try treating, coating, pistons?
> Any positive or negative experiences?
> Many Thanks,
> Mike Teter
> Colorado
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