[Es2] S2 A/C line

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Tue Jul 6 12:48:14 EDT 2004

Not to worry Brandon. Your site has been more than helpful to myself and
many others! I hope I didn't come off sounding too harsh! The part number on
your site (895 260 740) matches the one on the .ru ETKA site. This is the
part that I ordered from Europrice, but it simply does not fit. There must
be a mix-up somewhere along the line. I know there are a couple other people
here who have run into the same problem. It would be nice to know exactly
which part is the correct one!


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Sh at t, I'm very sorry about that.   I need to remove the PNs, I got them
from the very early days prior to ETKA, using a microfiche, and some
were either inaccurate on the fiche or have been superceded.  I probably
have the same @#$% line sitting around somewhere...   What does ETKA
Apologies Ben.  I will try and get you the correct PN.

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> Hi Andy,
> I purchased what I thought was the S2 line based on the part
> number on Brandon's site. However, this line does not work.
> There is no way that it is the correct line. I have a feeling
> it is the line for right hand drive cars. Unfortunately, I am
> now stuck with a rather expensive brand new part. In the mean
> time, I have re-used the coupe's line with some minor
> rebending and some heat shielding. It still almost touches
> the turbo and I know this can't be a good thing, but it wll
> do in the interim. I would suggest asking around on the S2
> forum to see if someone can help with the correct PN and
> compare that to the one on Brandon's site to make sure it's
> not the same.
> Ben
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> > I'm looking for a part number on the S2 a/c line because the coupes
> > rests right up against the turbo. A while back some one
> mentioned that
> > they are still running the coupes line but I think I would
> like to get
> > the problem out of the way while the engine is apart. The engine is
> > mounted and we're currently fabbing the cross member and 3"
> exhaust.
> > Getting closer :) TIA
> >
> > Andrew Suttner
> >
> > '91 Coupe Quattro w/3B close by
> >
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