[Es2] Big Day in the eS2 World

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Tue Jul 13 14:35:24 EDT 2004

> Jimmy, what was the wiring problem you discovered?

Damn!  I knew somebody was going to ask me that.  The wiring to the POS was
reversed!  One POS controls three spark plugs, the other controls two.  The
signal for 1-2-3 to spark was going to plugs 4-5.  The signal for 4-5 to
spark was going to plugs 1-2-nothing!  D'oh.  This was actually more of a
miscommunication issue.  I know for sure that I originally wired them
correctly, but since then, we did something different to the POS.  We
mounted them on a big heat sink and then mounted the heatsink behind the
firewall, on the upper tray where the fusebox sits, except over on the
passenger side.  We did that to help isolate the expensive POS from heat and
vibration.  Anyway, when Ken was hooking them back up, he asked me if there
was any difference between the two POS.  I said no (which is true), but of
course, you have to match your input wiring with your output wiring.  So, a
careless answer cost us a week of head scratching.

> On a side, did you ever figure out the alternator wiring? Specifically,
the blue wire that runs from the alt to everything else?

No, I never did that, so I assume I will have an Alt warning light when the
car finally starts.  I know you sent me a drawing and some other info, did
you get yours sorted?

> In any case, it should be completely road worthy in a couple of weeks.

I'll try to stay on pace.



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