[Es2] Big Day in the eS2 World

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Wed Jul 14 14:55:25 EDT 2004

> Brandon, have you sold yours yet? Are you sure you still want 
> to having heard the recent excitement in our voices???
> Ben

No not sold although I'm exhibiting this weekend at Waterfest, the big
east coast VW/Audi event at Raceway Park.  It is detailed to the max and
looks awesome.  I am resigned to taking a looong time to sell, and
frankly as long as it is technically "for sale" I have relative peace
regarding the number of motor vehicles on the property!  I just ordered
a new set of 250lb springs from Shine (thanks for the referral Chris)
which I hope are preferable my current setup.  I am also thinking about
finally springing for the 3" exhaust system which would the be the next
pathway to finally increasing boost (I've been running stock boost all
this time)

Congrats everyone on their progress!  I'm listening to the laments over
how long this is taking but 7 years back it took me 9 mos to get my car
done, and that was paying someone else to do it!


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