[Es2] Big Day in the eS2 World

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Wed Jul 14 15:16:34 EDT 2004


I'm forwarding to Matt Rooke...

he has a k24/3B in his 2bennet eS2...
and a 3 inch exhaust including downpipe and IA 3+ ECU.

Matt said that the 3 inch exhaust definitely helped the k24.....


At 03:11 PM 7/14/2004, Dave Kase wrote:
>Hi Brandon,
>It seems to be a common understanding on the S2forum that you can run
>increased boost with 2.5" exhaust.  The 3" isn't required until you change
>the K24 out and go for some sick boost.
>I was hoping to bring my Coupe to Waterfest but a trip to watch the SCCA
>races at the Glen last weekend and leaving for two weeks in China next
>weekend has me strapped at the house.
>Have fun and give a report on any other eS2's that may be there.
>Dave Kase

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