[Es2] I've cleared the last hurdle!

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Mon Jul 19 12:19:54 EDT 2004

Yesterday was a momentous day for me! I finally solved the false oil pressure warning that has been plaguing me for the last six months. As I was flipping through the Autocheck wiring diagrams I finally picked up that the system gets an RPM signal from TWO leads, not one. I only had the one lead connected that was allowing my tach to work. I figured that since the tach was working, the autocheck must be reading engine speed. But there it was staring me in the face; the T26b/23 connection was not getting the RPM signal. Pulled the cluster out and five minutes later I was jumping around the garage like an idiot! I couldn't believe it was so simple! I was just about to undo a lot of wiring just to see if I had missed something or if there was a bad connection somewhere. I had almost given up, resigned to the fact that I may just have to live with this stupid glitch. I was finally able to complete the wire management and button up the rest of the interior panels and trim. I then decided that it was finally time to take it for a run. Put it in gear, eased it out of the garage and down the driveway until I realised I had absolutely no brakes! Good thing the e-brake works! So I reversed it back into the garage. Total travel distance: 40 feet. Nonetheless, a great day in my e//S2 progress!
Next step is to bleed the hydraulic system and take it in to get the exhaust system intalled. Then it is complete.

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