[Es2] It's Alive!

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Tue Jul 20 23:24:42 EDT 2004

The eS2 started and idled tonight for the first time! 

There was a massive vacuum leak in the plastic crossmember tube, which I
patched tonight with some epoxy. It probably isn't a great long-term
solution, but it's holding for now. Anyway, after making the repair, I tried
cranking the car again to no avail. I tried and tried, but nothing. I was
walking around the car in frustration, wondering what to check next when I
realized that I didn't smell any gasoline. After wondering for a moment if I
had killed another fuel pump, I realized someone had removed the fuel pump
fuse. Eric!!! I put the fuse back in and after a couple of tries, the car
came to life! 

Unfortunately, I got an oil light and my oil pressure gauge was pegged
beyond 5 Bar, even while barely idling, so that tells me that I have
probably wired the autocheck and oil pressure gauge wrong. Not surprising
considering the other wiring mistakes I have made. Even so, my wiring snafu
doesn't guarantee that something else isn't wrong, so I had to shut-down the
car just to be prudent. Still, it was a blissful 30 seconds and it was fun
just barely tapping on the gas pedal and having the lightened flywheel allow
the revs to climb so quickly. 

Anyway, as soon as I lick the autocheck/gauge problem, the car will go for
its first test drive. Report forthcoming. 

*Sigh* Back to my endless toil of poring over wiring diagrams. 

Jimmy "Sisyphus" Pribble

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