[Es2] It's Alive!

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Wed Jul 21 11:26:23 EDT 2004

> My (bad) memory
Uh, yes...I was describing the oil TEMP sensor.  Duh, me so smart.
I bet you are correct about the wires being reversed.  I can't wait to get
home and check it out.  Thanks for your expert advice on the oil pressure
warning system, I know you earned your knowledge!
I'll report back.

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Jimmy, if your oil warning system is set up like the 3B (and I'm sure it is)
then you've got a single-pronged 1.8 bar sender and a two-pronged 0.3 bar
sender both on the driver's side of the block. The single wire from the 1.8
goes to the autocheck (T26b/17 on the CQ cluster). One wire from the
two-pronged sender also goes to the autocheck (T26b/19 on the CQ cluster)
and the other goes directly to the oil pressure gauge. If these two wires
are reversed, you'll get the the exact condition you described (gauge pegged
and oil warning at start-up). When you say there's one wire screwed into an
eyelet, it sounds like you're describing the oil temp sender (mounted on the
oil pump). This wire goes directly to the oil temp gauge. Finally, make sure
you have engine RPM signal going to both of these locations on the CQ
cluster/autocheck: T26/22 & T26b/23 (the one I forgot!). I know I've likely
stated the obvious for the most part here, but it doesn't hurt to check it
all again. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

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> Great news Jimmy! I knew it wouldn't take long! 

Thanks, Ben! 

> Sounds to me like you have the wires on the two-prong oil pressure sender
reversed. Of course, I'm sure that's the first thing you checked!

Actually, by that hour, I just cleaned-up the garage, posted-up my success,
and went to bed; so, I didn't check anything.  My (bad) memory is
remembering the oil pressure sender as having just a single wire screwed
into an eyelet connector at the sender and going all the way back to the
gauge.  Am I mis-remembering?

> Also make sure you have an RPM signal going to T26b/23 - that's where my
fault was. Good luck! 

I'm almost certain that I will find this is my problem as well.  Thanks


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