[Es2] It's Alive!

Dave Kase desmo888 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 21 22:46:37 EDT 2004

You can both can screw yourselves.  You're a couple of gloating pricks!

Sorry,did I say that out loud??

Seriously, congrats guys.  I have the look but lack the power as of yet.
Hopefully the 3B will be reassembled this fall.

Dave K.
eS2 coming...

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> > Can't wait to hear what it is...
> You were right, the wiring to the oil pressure sender was reversed.  Also,
> that corrected the pressure gauge and the autocheck oil warning light, so
> guess my IC/autocheck wiring was already correct.  Wow, I did something
> right!  Anyway, thanks for the tip.  After I button a few things up, I
> be able to take the car for its first crawl around the neighborhood.
> Hopefully, I can do that sometime this weekend.  Stay tuned!
> Jimmy
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