[Es2] eS2 update: first drive in over a year!

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Thu Jul 29 18:32:06 EDT 2004

Yup, she's on the road! Bled the brakes last night and this morning I drove it about 5 km's from my garage to the local tuning shop. I'll have to admit, it was a pretty tame drive given that I have no exhaust (surprisingly quiet considering it's coming out of the DP) and the alignment is waaaaaaaaaay out from all the suspension work I did. Plus my rad fan thermo-switch needs to be replaced, so I didn't want to overheat it. I don't think I even had it up over 3k rpm's! It was exciting nevertheless though. The short shifter feels great, and the bilsteins and S2 springs give a really nice ride. It'll take some getting used to the dimensions of the car again - both inside and out - having driven my girlfriends '90 Jetta for the last year. The tuning shop (Riegel Tuning - very good Audi/Porsche shop) is doing the alignment, exhaust, & thermo-switch as we speak, meaning that by tomorrow this time, the e//S2 project will finally be complete and ready for the open road.

Thanks a lot to everyone here who helped out with their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. My project has a bit of all of you in it!

I'll be posting a lot of pictures once the thing is washed and waxed! Eventually, I'd like to put up a website a-la Brandon, Jimmy et al but I'm not very website-savvy just yet. I can build a car but I can't make a home page! :-p

Good luck with all the other projects out there! We really should try to organize an e/S2 GTG for next summer. By then there will surely be enough of us to do it. Food for thought...


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