[Es2] eS2 update: first drive in over a year!

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Fri Jul 30 08:56:51 EDT 2004


That is awesome news!  Congrats!  I can't wait for the "final" report.
Don't worry about the webpage, we can expand your eS2 registry entry with
new photos and info.  IF you have other FAQ-type material, I can get that on
my site as well, with full credit to you.  If I weren't building a stupid
car, my site would be a lot further along.

I'm all for the GTG next year, perhaps in conjunction with an S-Fest?  If we
had enough folks, we might could get coverage from European Car or the like.
Anyway, I would love to make that happen.  It's fun finally meeting my
online friends, like I did back at the first S-Car Nationals.

Keep us updated on your progress.  My first drive should be very, very soon.


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