[Es2] Oil cooler setup/ v-band clamps

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Fri Jul 30 17:50:29 EDT 2004

Hi everyone

Here's a list of things I have been thinking about lately.

Oil cooler setup (stock or custom):

Mercedes 300D oil cooler mounted on the main radiator with custom brackets. I found one in my area cheap and I am going to go check it out next week. Javad has this same oil cooler btw.  There is a hose place about 4 miles away from me that said they could make the hoses I need to do this setup.

I have a stock aby/rs2 setup but it's in rather shity shape and I am looking around $410+- dollars (with retainer) to have a new one sent to my door. Which isn't that bad and truthfully I like to get it on the road asap but I might just order it anyways and if the mercedes setup works nicely I could allways sell the setup to some one.  

That would include mounting brackets, lines, and an air guide.  If anyone was insterested as of right now.


I am thinking of using v-band clamps.  They are a bit expensive but I am looking into finding them cheap.  The cheapest as of right now that I found is $17 for a 2.5 clamp with out flanges from ford.  

One nice thing about these clamps is that I could have the flanges mounted onto a cat and a straight pipe and the swap would be quite easy.  

here's  a link to burns:

I'll keep everyone posted once I figure this out.


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