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Welcome!  Glad to see you're around.  I heard about your mishap thru Bob
P. and he had told me you were thinking about putting together a coupe.
I'm doing a similar project, starting with an AAN, as well as Pribble.
Funny how us ex-S-car list guys with wrecks seem to end up on the E//S2
list! ;-)  What you gonna do with your bumper??  Seems like I just sent
you the mounting brackets yesterday?!!


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Hi all,
 I know some of you from the s-car-list and audiworld but for those I
met my name is Elijah Allen. I live in Lake Leelanau Michigan. I have
had a 
94 S4 for the past six years and enjoyed blowing all my savings
upgrading it to 
supercar status. Well, it was just about complete and I lost it on a
night and totaled the car. It has been very hard letting go of it but
life goes 
on. I met Andrew Jackson through another lister and heard about his car 
spinning a rod bearing at around the same time I totaled my S4. When he
decided to 
sell his coupe, I thought well I have a built bottom end and just about
go fast part I need to make this work so why not. A few days ago I went
and took a look at the car and dropped my block off with the shop to
have them 
put it all back together. I will also be crating my 6 speed and all the
go fast parts for them to instal and tune the car. I would like to do a
lug conversion and use my S4 hubs. Any of you try this and if so any
help with 
what I need would be greatly appreciated. I hope to have the car on the
road in 
the next few weeks. I'm shooting for somewhere between 400-450CHP and
want to 
make sure I don't miss any of the important things that should be done
the engine is out. Also, I would like to upgrade the front and rear
swaybar. I 
saw on quattrospeed the had the RS2 front SB and a 22mm rear one. Do
fit? Oh man is this gonna be fun. I just have to learn all over again
since I 
haven't even driven a coupe before.

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