[Es2] Project update...

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Wed Jun 16 14:40:42 EDT 2004

> but its a ghost town here!

No doubt, but I like to think we are more about quality than quantity.  No
reason we can't post links to photos.  Also, if you do an update on another
site with pretty pictures and whatnot, at least post a link here for
archival purposes, like this:


Great report, Peter; thanks!

My report: I got a used fuel pump (Thanks, Mike!) and it's working fine.
Unfortunately, the car still won't start and we ran out of time to start the
diagnosis.  Unfortunately, because I changed so many things during
conversion, I introduced many, many potential failure points (different
wiring harness, some different components, newly-chipped and untested ECU,
etc.).  D'oh.  Mr. Eiche, should I be concerned about a 1111 code?  A couple
of weeks ago, when we finished the new power bus and fired up the fusebox
and ignition, I pulled codes and got about a dozen of them (some expected,
some not), including 1111.  Two nights ago, when we unsuccessfully tried
starting the car again, I pulled codes again and ONLY got 1111.  That kind
of spooked me because I know some things for which it should always throw a
code (carbon canister isn't plugged-in, for example).

Also, is "going slow" a failure mode for the starter?  It just barely
turns....whir(pause)....whir(pause)....whir(pause)....(smell of burning from
power draw).  We turned the motor by hand and it's not seized or bound in
any way.  There shouldn't be any reason for that anyway.  Ideas?  We thought
there might be too much resistance because everything is running through
lengthy heavy cable through a secondary fuse box and through a kill switch,
but when we power the starter directly it makes only a barely perceptible
improvement.  Sigh.  Anything specific I should look at?  How much do
starters cost?  ;-)

I also owe the list some photos of the oil cooler setup (Mercedes cooler in
the aux. rad position), but I was hoping to clean and paint it first.  Not
important, I guess.  I'll try to do that soon.

Koko, your car looks awesome.  Been gettin' props on other forums:



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