[Es2] Big Brakes, stock wheels

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I'd say if you don't plan to track the car, a good set of aggressive pads and the G60s are your best bet.  The G60s work as a street brake for the S6, which weighs in at around 400 pounds more than the coupe...
You'd need custom rotors and brackets and calipers to do much else, especially in 15" wheels.  Look at some VW options, and perhaps you can redrill some rotors?  I think www.rpiequipped.com has something that could work...  
I'm running 996 calipers over euro A8 rotors with my S2 (5-bolt) hubs, but I plan to turbo, and occasionally to track the car.

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--- Tom Mullane <tmullane at snet.net> wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm thinking about upgrading the front brakes on the
> Coupe.  The car is a
> 1991 with the G60's, which seems adequate, but after
> daily cruising the S6
> with the Big Reds, switching back to the Coupe takes
> some getting used to.
> I'd like to retain the stock wheels (I know this is
> a problem, but I really
> like the stock look).  Any solutions?

Have you tried using performance/ racing pads?  I 
used to run Hawk something-or-others that really
grabbed and never faded, track or street.  Do you 
have a stock or turbo motor?

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