[Es2] project update, or lack of it.

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Sat Jun 26 17:36:21 EDT 2004

Hi everyone

First here's a pic of the spacer found in 6 speed setups that use the dual mass flywheel.  Figured I would post a link to it after I noticed it.


Secondly the new girlfriend has taken up alot of my time.  I have also been putting money away for a while now so I can buy the rest of the parts I need. Who knows.. when it will be on the road but it doesn't bother me anymore, I sappose the girlfriend has pacified me a bit.  Not a bad thing but not necesarily a good thing for getting things done.

For peter:  The oil cooler I will most likely use is the rs2/aby oilcooler. I've come to realize it's too risky to make decisions based on hypothetical thoughts.  I have an aby oil cooler setup allready and the only problem is that it's just been beat to crap by the weather.  But I can source pics if you like of that audi diesel oil cooler.

Some major parts I need:

rear tierods
oil cooler
battery box
aby lower intercooler hose setup
modification to aby downpipe

It's been so long since I thought about the coupe that I don't remember what else I need.

Soon enough I'll post again and at that time most likely the coupe will be on the road.  For now I am focusing more on my job, friends, and enjoying the summer weather.


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