[Es2] ac/alt positions

Dave K. desmo888 at comcast.net
Tue Mar 9 19:30:52 EST 2004

That would be me.
Your parts should be available through Tots at:


He tears down S2's like mad.  I'll have him quote the parts as I need a few
things from him too.
He ships to Germany where a gentleman named Rob will be building my crate.
Crate leaves in 3 weeks.


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I lost track of who is bringing a crate into the US in the next few
Just saw the post below of a crate leaving in two weeks

I need an intake and exhaust manifold for my AAN installation into a
Would love the RS2, but am willing to use whatever I can get my hands
on...ABY ADU.
Would prefer used, but will need corresponding fuel rails and all parts
necessary for the IM conversion.

Can someone forward me to the proper person who is doing this particular

Jack Walker

Ivey Imaging
5679 SE International Way
Milwaukie, Oregon
jwalker at ivey.com


503)353-6521 direct line
503)807-3807 celluar phone

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I concur but I bought the correct AC line.
I can get you the parts you need but I need to know ASAP.  Crate is
departing Germany in two weeks...

Dave K.
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> Andrew,
> I used the stock S2 location for the A/C and Alt location, which is
> as the CQ. I believe this is the easiest way to do it, mainly because
> is no fabrication of a/c lines involved. I managed to use the CQ high
> pressure line (from dryer back to evapoator) with a little bending to
> the turbo. It's not ideal, as it virtually touches the hot side of the
> turbo. For now I'll see how it holds up.
> This configuration also allows you to use the CQ's compressor and
> brackets, as well as the alternator mounting bracket. You will have to
> purchase the S2 oil pan extension that is drilled and tapped for the
> oil return line (although, I think you would need this eitehr way?).
> also need the S2 oil filter bracket, or you would have to remotely
> the oil filter and fabricate lines so it does not interfere with the
> compressor.
> HTH,
> Ben
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> > I'm getting close to test fitting the 3B in the car and am wondering
> > someone can tell me what configuration they used and what they would
> > recommend.
> > TIA
> >
> > Andrew Suttner
> >
> > '91 Coupe Quattro w/3B close by
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