[Es2] new project scope (long) -need feedback

Rick Houck rhouck at neo.rr.com
Tue Mar 9 22:31:31 EST 2004

Hey guys,

Now that I have read the complete archives (end to beginning-head still
spinning) I see that there are several combinations of chassis,
transmissions , engines, and performance goals on your projects. Since I
want to install my own stock '91 200tq 3B engine into my low mileage coupe Q
chassis, it would appear that my new spare time project is the easiest(?),
cheapest, and least potent of them all.

As background, I have already done a 10vt conversion for my track coupe, so
I have some background, and I know the power boost is what these cars need.
My 3B came from the car I rolled, and we drove the car from 62k to 119k
before the mishap. The engine ran fine and I plan to use it as is. The TB
and water pump are about 15k old. I have taken off all the intake and
exhaust components for blasting and cleaning, and new gaskets. I even had
the cam cover powder coated red for fun. I went ahead and installed new rear
seal, pan gasket, cam cover gasket, and any of the hoses and sensors that
are not easy to get at after installation. I also just installed the metal
cam gear, so I hope it is ready for the next 50 to 60k miles without many

Since this is to be a nice street car, I believe I will be satisfied with
the performance of the stock engine in the lighter car. A chip is the only
enhancement I can anticipate at this time. Keeping my costs down is a prime
objective, and I don't mind making or adapting some of the items needed,
such as front cross member and intercooler plumbing. I pulled the 3B engine
myself along with all the harnesses I thought I might need. The coupe dash
and drive train are out, and just waiting for the battery box removal. All
cv joints are repacked and re-booted. I have new seals at each drive hub,
and new input shaft seal.

Here is my plan so far, making the best use of money as the project

1: Decide on flywheel/clutch and assemble tranny to engine.
2: Install proper AC line in engine compartment for future use.
3: Stick with stock CQ alternator/AC locations.
4: Find the correct oil filter bracket and hoses for turbo. (may start with
stock parts until running & ready to invest in the AC)
5: Install harness through new firewall hole (where?).
6: Relocate battery to rear compartment.
7: Install new heater core & possibly complete heater assembly from manual
AC car to avoid climate control issues.
8: Install engine/drivetrain and connect harness.
9: Keep working and working on harness connections until correct.
10: Decide what IC will fit & fabricate cross member & plumbing to suit S2,
RS2, or stock bumper, depending on $ and what I find.
11: Decide on air box or cone filter and install.
12: Decide to modify 200TQ down pipe or find one for 3B S2.
13: Decide on exhaust. Buy or have one fabricated.
14: Upgrade to 5 bolt hubs. Probably will use the same as my track car.
Porsche Boxster w/ A8 rotors up front, redrill rears.
15: New hood and paint.
16: Et cetera, et cetera....

Have I missed some important steps? Feedback is welcome as I bounce ideas
off you guys. Tell me where I'm missing the boat. Thanks again, and sorry
for the bandwidth.


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