[Es2] new project scope (long) -need feedback

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 10 11:29:58 EST 2004

Hi Rick-
> Since this is to be a nice street car, I believe I
> will be satisfied with
> the performance of the stock engine in the lighter
> car. A chip is the only
> enhancement I can anticipate at this time. 
A Stage 1 chip (Intended Acceleration Stage 3) bumping
to upper teens/ 20 psi makes a world of difference
over stock and is very satisfying.  Plan on installing
a boost guage so you can troubleshoot the install
(all those sensors need to keep the ECU happy or 
boost goes bye-bye).
> 1: Decide on flywheel/clutch and assemble tranny to
> engine.
I have stock cq clutch with chipped 3B and no

> 5: Install harness through new firewall hole
> (where?).
I had some pictures of mine, basically below where
the battery used to be.  I'll try to find the pics.

> 6: Relocate battery to rear compartment.
An Optima fits nicely into the cargo slot, after
removing the foam liner.

> 7: Install new heater core & possibly complete
Excellent idea with the dash out, 2Bennett did this
as part of the package on mine.

> 11: Decide on air box or cone filter and install.
S2 or RS2 fits nicely and has stock look, but is a
few $$$ new.  Uses same filter panel as Ur-S4/S6.

Matt Rooke
'91cq//20vt (2Bennett 3B conversion)

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