Aaron Sigman ansigmanbu at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 10 15:27:53 EST 2004

Hi all-
  What a coincidence, this discussion about clutch
durability.  I have just recently found mine to be
slipping.  Matt, how many miles have you put on your

I have a 3B engine with RS2 EM & turbo and a large FMIC,
but stock software (at the moment) and my original CQ
transmission.  A new clutch was installed with the engine
only about 8K miles ago.

Felt it slip once a few weeks ago, but last night I was
able to figure out/repeat the problem: in 4th or 5th gear
at 3000 rpm, when putting the pedal down, the car
accelerates to about 3300 rpm (when the boost comes on) and
then the clutch lets go and rpm's go up past 4000.

What are the options for aftermarket clutches?  I need one
for a 1990 CQ 20v correct? because I still have the stock
tranny, right?  Centerforce?

What about lightening the flywheel?  or is there
aftermarket? Anyone done this?


PS, what is with the digest mode?  I get no messages for
days and then sometimes multiple digests the same
day...what the deally yo?

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