Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Wed Mar 10 15:46:44 EST 2004

My flywheel was lightened by 7lbs when the conversion was done six years
back.  No negatives;  revs drop faster between upshifts so I've trained
my foot to maintain some throttle.  
No experience on aftermarket clutchs; I have a stock RS2 clutch disc,
lightened CQ flywheel, urS4 pressure plate assbly, and I can make it
slip in 6th gear under WOT.  


> Hi all-
>   What a coincidence, this discussion about clutch
> durability.  I have just recently found mine to be
> slipping.  Matt, how many miles have you put on your
> clutch?
> I have a 3B engine with RS2 EM & turbo and a large FMIC,
> but stock software (at the moment) and my original CQ 
> transmission.  A new clutch was installed with the engine 
> only about 8K miles ago.

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