[Es2] 200 3b, S2 3b, AAN Downpipe comparison

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Fri Mar 12 14:09:19 EST 2004

Yes, the tub is different for the S2, different PNs etc.  I've always
suspected it was just stampings shaped to accommodate two pairs of cats
and mufflers.  Actually now that I think of it I think the microfiche
shows drawings of this.  My system uses an S4 downpipe, cut off fairly
high, welded to a 3" stainless flex pipe like you see on trucks or '30's
Duesenbergs.  This went into an aftermarket cat, and then the stock
system from there back.  Subsequently I removed the resonator which
changed the tone very slightly.  I have no doubt that the smaller
diameter pipe, restrictive exhaust is limiting power, I never see boost
higher than 15lbs and I figure that's why.  But hey it's just a street
car, how much power do you need? ;-)

> Was that true from the earliest 3B cars?
> OK, so the S2 downpipe should allow us to get the exhaust 
> down and pointed back without interference, and from there 
> most will add a high flow cat and 3" single pipe back...?  
> Brandon, didn't you start with a stock CQ exhaust on your conversion?

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