[Es2] 200 3b, S2 3b, AAN Downpipe comparison

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Fri Mar 12 17:57:43 EST 2004

Apparently, the RS2 also went without the "humps" that the early  S2s 
and ur q 20Vs had.  The RS2 used "metal" cats, which might be the reason 
that the ABY and ADU use different downpipes.

If anyone is interested, my ADU downpipe is for sale.


Alexander van Gerbig wrote:

>    Later S2's had no "bumps" in the flooring to accommodate the dual cats.
>Audi got chintzy and left them low and added some shields to protect them
>when they went to the ABY.  So the S2 3B setup used the humps, which are
>purchasable separate to be welded in for the diehard eS2 converter (895 804
>829/830) and the cats were stuffed up in the pockets.  This required Audi to
>make a "half" manual seat for the S2 because of the flooring intrusion.
>When they went ABY the pockets got left out, the cats hung low, and shields
>were added.
>    3B S2 had a single outlet downpipe into a splitter, dual cats, back into
>a single pipe.  ABY S2 has the dual outlet pipe, two lower profile cats,
>shields, back into the single pipe.
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