[Es2] 3B vs7A clutch observations

Rick Houck rhouck at neo.rr.com
Fri Mar 12 23:54:18 EST 2004


Thanks for all the good feedback on my project scope. I have been comparing
the flywheel, pp, clutch disk, pilot and release bearings on both versions.

Flywheel and pilot bearing observations:
7A flywheel = 25.5#, with ball bearing pilot in the flywheel hub. Lots of
weight at the outer edge.
3B flywheel = 17.5#, with needle bearing in rear of crankshaft. No extra
weight at the outer edge.

There is a different front-side pin location between the two, different
length of the rear-side long pins, and the working face of the 3B is 0.27"
closer to the block than the 7A, when bolted to the crank. The 3B pilot brg
seems to be further forward (away from the tranny input shaft), but this is
just eyeballing it, since I did not save the needle bearing.

Questions for you DIY'ers:
1. Will the 0.27" difference in position of the face on the lighter, and
"thinner" 3B fw, give me a problem with the stock coupe tranny (01A?) and
clutch slave cyl?
2. Will the 01A input shaft reach forward far enough to engage the 3B pilot
bearing if I keep the 3B flywheel? Did the 200tq input shaft stick further
forward that the 01A?

Pressure plate observations:
1. Both plates look identical, except the 7A has one of the three locating
pins in the plate, vs the 3B with all three locating pins in the flywheel.
2. Pins are no problem, and I see no reason not to use the 3B which may have
stronger springs. Am I missing something?

Release bearing observations:
1. I don't have the 200tq release bearing, but I am guessing that it is
different from the stock coupe part in inner diameter, and I can, and
should, use the correct part for the tranny used. Right?

Clutch disks are different in the hub ID and number of splines, and there
are heavier springs in the 3B. Assuming I use the 3B pressure plate with
either fw, is there a better disk than the stock 7A that will match my 01A
input shaft?


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