[Es2] S2 3B engine pix

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Sun Mar 14 22:40:58 EST 2004


Its late, but I managed to post a few pix of the S2 3B engine to <eeK> my 
audiworld picture poster page:


You can see in the pictures how the IC-turbo hose is different than the 200 
3b - the TBV postioning is different, etc.
I also put a S4 style downpipe alongside the S2 3B downpipe for comparison.

There are also a couple of shots of the afterun pump location.

Interesting about the subtle differences from the 200 3b -
examples - crank breather very different - the valve that is near the turbo 
on the 200 3b is actually right above the crankcase outlet on the S2, 
there's a bracket for the afterun pump on the driverside engine mount, and 
of course the boost plumbing (hoses) and the downpipe.

The fuel lines look the same as the 200 3b,,,

Hope some of you find these photos helpful...
I will take more and try to post them to my comcast webpage.


Peter Schulz
1990 CQ (perpetually awaiting S2 3b engine transplant)
1991 200 20v TQW indigo mica
1991 200 20v TQW titanium grey
Chelmsford, MA USA
peter at audifans.com  

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